Hi, I am Roi. Thanks for visiting.

I love to connect with people, with animals, with the nature - connect with the world. This connection is what I seek in my art. It took me years to refine this, and I would love to share this gift with you.

When I'm not taking photos, I develop brains for self driving cars, or connect to the world through music. I play eastern traditional music on trumpet, piano and a Kamanche - a beautiful Persian string instrument. Our son loves to fall asleep to the sound of it!

My wife and I often work together. I bring the photography background and education, while Aisha brings the fine art education and her years of experience in design. When we don't meet on the set, we meet when the session is over - editing, printing, and helping you to design your wall-art and space.

I guess this journey started with my dad's old Nikon. Whenever we went on a family trip, I insisted to hold it and take photos. Of course, back then each photo was on an actual film roll, and you couldn't see your success - or lack of - until a week later... The journey continued through university, when I dove into the art of b&w photography and studied the alchemy of (analogue) dark room. That's where I started seeking that moment in time which I'll capture and store for many years.

Today, I find joy in real-life photography: capturing candid moments in the circle of life, documenting people as they truly are, and creating together memories for families through a timeless photograph.

My Diversity Statement

It shouldn't have to be said, yet here it goes: I love to connect and work with Humans, from all races, believes, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, origins, and any other categorisation. Our world is beautifully diverse, and I am happy to capture it as it is. If you book me, and there is something I need to know to show respect and understanding for you, please just let me know.

I'd be honoured to connect with you and document your precious moments.

photo credit: Eran Krinski

meet the photographer: Roi Frenkel Photography



“... We have a three year old, and Roi worked hard to build a report so that he could major in candid shots with real smalls, minimizing the contrived still shots with the “cheese” that we all remember not so fondly. By having a way with kids, he made it easy for us to be ourselves, which meant that the candid shots captured our real family dynamics. To be sure, we got beautiful classically frames photos as well. But the candid shots are what set Roi apart, since they were head and shoulders better than what”