Beautiful portrait in our studio, with all the lights and glam. Precious maternity shoot. Family photo shoot, for these memories.



Take the time to know each other and feel comfortable together. Help me explore with you the perfect time and place to document your life. We're talking Candid here.



Take the candid to the next level. Start with a first introduction meeting. Warm up, explore, and discover where our second shoot will take place - and how will it look.



Do you shoot destination event?

Yes - as long as we have availability. We book pretty fast, however we can usually travel up to a few hours from Philadelphia, where our hub is.

Who will be on the shoot?

We have a team of experienced photographers, light assistants and general assistants, when needed. On maternity shoots my wife Aisha will be present, as she has been through it herself and may help on this magical day!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

We usually have a small buffer at the end of the shoot, to make sure we get to connect properly and take the shots we like. For longer extensions, it all depends on the rest of our day.

What kind of gear do you use?

We shoot a full, professional Fuji+Godox system (cameras, lens, and strobes), with a variety of light modifiers for special effects, when the need arises. For the most natural look, we like working with the most stable light source out there: the Sun.

Do I have to order prints through you?

After each shoot you get access to jpeg files at a quality perfect for web use and smaller prints; you can easily order all the prints you want on the website, or print it at your lab of choice.

Ready to Begin?